May Newsletter

Term dates and Bank Holidays – We are closed on Bank Holiday Monday 29th May, sessional care break up on Friday 26th May and will return on Monday 12th June, if your child is going to be off due to holidays or sickness, it is very important that you let us know in advance to adhere to our safeguarding policy.  Please email or text the nursery mobile if you are away on holiday any time soon.

Duck Race – Emily did not retain her title unfortunately… 😊  Thank you to everyone who supported the Duck Race and to those parents who took Emily and collected her for us.

Staffing – Congratulations to Kelly, who is now Mrs Bainbridge! Welcome to Charlotte Kennaird who is qualified in Health & Social Care and will be undertaking her childcare training soon.  Charlotte will be working across all of the nursery whilst she undergoes her training.  We are currently advertising for a new member of staff and have placed advertisements in the local paper, online and on Facebook… we hope to find the perfect candidate soon!

We will be inviting the pre-school children (those who go to school in September) on a trip to the Sea Life Centre at the Trafford Centre on 20th June – separate letter to follow.

Photograph – we have booked Sharon Wallis to come and take a group photograph of Room 1 and Room 2 on Tuesday 13th June.  If your child does not normally attend on a Tuesday, please feel free to bring them in to be included in the photograph, you can wait at Fledglings as it usually only takes 10-20 minutes…  The Nest and Room 2 will be at 9:00am and the Preschool room will be at 9:20am.  Please could all children be encouraged to wear their Fledglings tops that day?  Many thanks.

Late collection of children – please be aware that you must be on time collecting your child at the end of their session, whether that is at lunchtime, in the afternoon or in the evening… Lateness has been creeping up on us and is becoming a problem… children who start at lunchtime cannot come into nursery until the child who is going home at lunchtime has been collected.  The finishing time in the evening is 6pm.

Sickness – We have had a few instances of children with diarrhoea, high temperatures etc.  Please remember that in line with our Safeguarding Policy, children should be kept at home until they are symptom free (and calpol free!) for at least 24 hours and until they are well.  Their day is very busy.  It is our policy for children to be collected as soon as is possible if we record a high temperature, they have been sick, or they have more than one instance of diarrhoea whilst they are at nursery.  Therefore, please ensure that one of your contacts is available at all times in case of emergency.

Car park – Our parents and grandparents are not allowed to use the school car park.  Staff have noticed quite a few parents parking there in the morning and evening.  The car park is the property of Moss Hey School.  Parents at the school and at Fledglings are not permitted to use it.  We have one parent with written permission from the school.

Our daycare year ends on Friday 26th August.  Children not going to school in September will continue as usual the following week.  If your child is going to school in September and it is your intention to finish earlier than 26th August, you will need to give us at least one month’s written notice of their finishing date.  We can then let you know in August what your final payment will be.

Contractors in school – over the Whit half term holidays, there will be several Contractors undertaking work within the school which includes the car park, affecting the access to Fledglings. Consequently, for one or two days we will need to come into Fledglings through the school entrance and over the school hall, once we have more information we will write to those concerned.

Funded childcare – There are two new schemes currently available for Parents, one is additional funding for working parents of 3 and 4 year olds, and ‘tax free childcare’ available to working parents of children of all ages.  Please see for details of the schemes.  Those parents of children who are eligible for 3 or 4 year old funding from next term will receive a contract and additional information regarding prices and charges at a later date.  You can go onto and check your eligibility for the 30 hours funding and the tax free childcare, you will need to set yourself up a government gateway account… it is all explained on their website and also on  We also recently have undertaken working in partnership with Enjoy Benefits as part of their virtual workplace nursery scheme.  You can access tax relief on the full amount of your fees, and the nursery also gains investment every month that your child is here.

School Leaver’s Party – invitations to follow – the party for the children leaving to go to school will be on Thursday 20th July 1:30-3:30pm.

So – to recap dates for your diary

Sessional break up Friday 26th May, return Monday 12th June

Nursery closed Monday 29th May

Group photos Tuesday 13th June

Pre-schoolers trip Tuesday 20th June

Leavers Party Thursday 20th July

Sessional finish for Summer Friday 21st July

Daycare contract ends Friday 25th August

Best wishes,

Julie, Jane and the team.